North East buses help drive the economy

Bus services connect communities, helping support the growth of jobs and housing and enabling access to education, employment, healthcare, retail, leisure, onward national transport and more. They are vital to a successful economy and society.

Research from Greener Journeys shows that:

  • Bus commuters generate £64 billion of benefits to the UK economy in goods and services
  • Every year, bus users make 1.4 billion shopping trips and spend an estimated £27 billion on retail goods
  • Every £1 invested in bus infrastructure can generate more than £8 of economic benefit
  • Bus revenue funding delivers £3.70 of economic benefit for each £1 spent
  • More than 1 in 10 (11%) of commuters would have to change jobs or leave the job market completely if bus services ceased to exist
  • Buses help tackle congestion, which costs the UK economy at least £11 billion each year
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